About Software/Game Idea

This is our project Output #1

Citation from project proposal:

“RM system software will include interactive simulation game, that ensure ability to simulate the different business cases (e.g. the development of a new product, the development of a new sales channel, etc.). Students individually and/or in the groups will be able to make risk analysis of the real business cases, offered by industry or university. During the game students should identify main risks, asses them and to choose appropriate risk management strategies. The scenarios of the game include different business positions (e.g CEO, CFO, CRO, Director of Insurance). The software should be compatible with the actual operating systems (e.g. Windows, Mac OS, etc.). Therefore, the system will be available for desktop computers, as well for mobile devices.”

We are absolutely sure: The result at the end will be awesome 🙂 We promise!

It’s easy perm.ba.lv

Guidelines how to use RM system are here and videos will follow soon