Hogeschool Rotterdam / Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Status: partner

Main role: methodology developer

Strengths: Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (RUAS), as a partner with a strong Risk Management background, will develop the theoretical context for the risk management system and include this in materials for study, seminars and conferences. RUAS’ School of Financial Management offers currently several study courses in Risk Management, which will be further developed as one of the outcomes of this project. The Research Centre Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation will provide the platform for development of theoretical context within RUAS. The Research Centre has conducted research in the field of Risk Management since 2002, which resulted in a successful development of several study courses including risk management tools and text books.

The RUAS researcher involved in this project has 4 years of experience lecturing and researching Risk Management and has access to a variety of fellow lecturers and researchers with extensive knowledge of Risk Management. RUAS’ network contains a number of Risk Management professionals who could be consulted for support in the development of theoretical background, if needed and agreed by other parties involved in the project.

Country: Netherland

Website: https://www.rotterdamuas.com/