Banku augstskola / BA School of Business and Finance

Status: coordinator

Main role: project management, implementation of project outputs in study programmes

Strengths: BA has study programme Risk Management and Insurance since 2009. During this period we have managed to establish very strong relationships with industry and representatives of industry. We have a great experience in the such activities, as seminars for society and Secondary school teachers, Business Weeks with involving lots of students, research projects, etc..

Director of BASBF programme Risk Management and Insurance Māris Krastiņš will be manager of the project. Māris Krastiņš has 12 years experience in the Insurance industry and has background of project management within Insurance industry. BASBF researchers Jānis Hermanis involved in the project has more than 15 years experience in management of different project types, especially in IT project management. Māris Krastiņš in position of the project researcher will be responsible for development and integration insurance principles in RM processes. Therefore, experience and knowledge obtained cover almost all areas of Risk Management.

Country: Latvia