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About this project

Project name:

Partnerships to Ensure Risk Management in practice



Project number:

Nr. 2015-1-LV01-KA203-013436

Implementation time:

From 01/10/2015 till 01/10/2017

Total amount:

195 005 EUR

The objectives of the project are:

Key activities of the project are related to the development of:

  • methodology of RM course,
  • RM simulation game software,
  • establishment of international Business Week seminars,
  • conference.


As part of European Commission Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Strategic Partnership activities

The aims of the project are:

The project is based on the need to address the real life issues, the situations and projects that are rapidly changing in today’s environment and conditions. The evolution of risks is directly related to the changes of technology, environment and people’s behavior which may include also other factors. The chosen methodology is appropriate for the chosen tasks to be solved. Modern technological tools will give the best possible contribution to learning skills. In order to provide better integration of the Project results in the learning process there will be developed a special event (International Business Week seminar).

In order to produce the planned outcomes a special attention was paid to the choice of partners. There will be 5 partners from three countries (Latvia, Lithuania and Netherland). Every partner will contribute to the project. By involving international experience of academic partners (BA School of Business and Finance, Vilniaus kolegija/University of Applied Sciences, and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences) and, especially professionals from the industry (Balta/PZULatvian Insurers Association) the project has the potential to reach its planned outcome. The added value of the project lies in the strong link with academic world and industry.

Few words about each partner strengths are here

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