Project PERM results

According what we promise in our project proposal, we have 3 main results/outputs

The first

Risk Management simulation system. Just click on this link an go to website

P.S. Available for everybody, just make registration, read the methodical material and guidelines and go

The second

Risk Management methodology.

Now we can offer new book for everybody, why would like start educate himself or others in risk management.

P.S. This book is available also in ePUB format here, for more easy reading on your mobile devices

The third

Our Risk Management system guidelines.

We know, that in fist stage can be some difficulties understand how system work, what you need to do, where and why. We hope guidelines will help you.

Note! This is a subject of changes.

And one more...


This is case which we prepared and use during project for teaching students and even more teaching our risk management system. We can recommend, when you would like start build more serious own case, play around Docligstics.

There is zipped file for download, which include 4 files:

Doclogistics Description

Assignment Description

Doclogistics Risk Register

Doclogistics Control Measures

Results published on Erasmus+ official results page from European Commission

Link to PERM project Erasmus+ page is here

Plus, we are glad to announce, that our project received both awards from EC, “good practice example” and “success story