By: Jānis Hermanis On: February 12, 2016 In: PERM News Comments: 0

Now we have brand new project logo. Look at the left side of this page. The story about logo was simple 🙂

During 1st meeting one of the points of discussions was: “Need project own logo or no?” Answer was simple, of course, yes we need project logo. Colleagues from Vilnius claimed responsibility to organize project logo contest in Vilniaus kolegija/UAS. It was a big success; we received around 15 proposals, thanks Lithuanians, and after second meeting, after project team members voting winner is selected. Logo contest won Rimgaudas Tumėnas, Software Engineering study programme student. Congratulations, we like the result and logo will be implemented everywhere: in project website, simulations software, publicity materials, etc.

Link to VIKO release.