The aim of this activity/project output is build interactive 40 hours Risk Management study course and we will try to take care about those necessary things (citation from project proposal):

“Methodology of Risk Management teaching / learning will provide a sufficient amount of information about the risk management in both, theoretical and practical aspects. The theoretical part will include such sections as the history of risk management development, the main principles, problems and opportunities gained by Risk Management. There will be the separate section of the risk management process that in depth explain every step of Risk Management process. The second section analyses examples of the practical use of risk management from the real examples with a particular emphasis on benefits gained during the process. A separate section will explain use of simulation games during the Risk Management studies. The goal of new Methodology of Risk Management is improving existing one, because of combining theoretical background with the news Technologies (simulation game software).”

During Business Week seminars we will check, how our ideas about new Risk Management course works in real study process.