Māris lekcijās

Main idea and aims of those activities.

This will be pure Learning/Teaching/Training activity, if we are talking in formal Erasmus+ language. In our case, during a 5 day period, that’s means in 40h = 5 days by 8 hours we will check, how work our new Risk Management course with integrated interactive Risk Management simulation software/game.

And what important, during this Business Weeks, this is how we call Erasmus+ learning activity “Intensive program”, we achieve few more aims:

  • Opportunity for involved students during the short period of the time to obtain the new knowledge about Risk Management in the very intensive way.
  • Because of International nature of event each students improve his/her communication, language and intercultural communication skills.
  • The special value is related with the possibility to test the project outputs in real study process. There will be feedback from students, as well teachers. In the case of the problems and shortcomings after will be made corrections and improvements of the system. During the all three Business Weeks, will be fixed all problems and in the end of the project outputs should be suitable for most of European universities.
  • The teachers involved in the the Business Week also improve knowledge in Risk Management area, as well will obtain new methods of Risk Management teaching standards through the new technologies

When and where will happen your Business Weeks or we also are using the name IWOR – International Week of Risk Management Gaming

Business weeks seminars in numbers

Duration: 5 working days = 1 work week = 40 working hours

Number of Students: up to 12 from each university, that means – 36 in total. Nice number 🙂

Number of professors: around six. Two from each university plus invited guest lecturers